UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience- Foundation Level (CPUX-F)

UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience- Foundation Level (CPUX-F)
Board / Organization
International Usability and UX Qualification Board (UXQB®)
Course: English, German | Exam: English, German & French (Russian and Spanish in preperation for 2017)
Target Audience
Anybody involved in the design and evaluation of user interfaces including user interface designers, usability engineers, requirements engineers, product managers. Also roles that interface with usability professionals such as quality managers, development managers, IT managers, management consultant and business process analysts are addressed by this certification. The certificate is relevant for many different industries, for example automotive, finance, healthcare, public service and many others.
Prior knowledge of usability is an advantage, but not a requirement.
UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level is offered as Test Center Exam in over 5,200 Pearson VUE locations, as a SMEX Exam or as a paper-based exam after training or during our scheduled public examinations.

40 questions, multiple-choice, 75 minutes (20% time extension for non-native speakers available on request), minimum score 70%
For prices in your Country please contact us: certification@isqi.org
Not necessary
General Information
This Foundation Level certification is intended for professionals who want to ensure that their fundamental usability and UX knowledge is up-to-date. It is beneficial if you wish to pursue advanced certification, for example as usability tester, user requirements engineer, information architect or usability engineer. Also stakeholders who cooperate with usability professionals and want to familiarize themselves with basic usability terms, concepts and processes will benefit from this certification, allowing
them the ability to thereafter answer the question “Do you speak usability?” affirmatively. Examples of such stakeholders are project managers, software developers, designers, users, product managers and marketing people.

Attendees holding the UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-FL) certificate are familiarized with the basic terms and concepts from the field of usability and user experience.

The main focus areas of this certification are:
· Usability principles and guidelines
· Understanding and specifying the context of use
· Specifying the user requirements and interaction between user and system
· Usability testing
· Usability inspections and user surveys
· Process management and use of methods

Training Providers
alysis GmbH http://www.alysis.at/
Corda Business & Information Engineering GmbH http://www.corda.at

Advice A/S adviceas.dk

artop GmbH http://www.artop.de/
aventaurus Consulting GmbH http://usability-academy.com/cms/seminarangebot-ansehen-und-buchen/cpux-certified-professional.html
eResult GmbH http://www.eresult.de
ergosign Ergonomie und Design www.ergosign.de/de
itemis AG https://itemis.de/
Spiegel Institut Holding www.spiegel-institut.de
Intercultural User Interface Consulting http://www.iuic.de/contents/
oose Innovative Informatik GmbH http://www.oose.de/
ProContext Consulting GmbH http://www.procontext.com/
rocket-media GmbH & Co KG http://www.rocket-media.de/
Technische Akademie Esslingen e.V. http://www.tae.de/

Nspyre B.V nspy

Bunnyfoot Ltd. www.bunnyfoot.com/ re.nl/ User Vision http://uservision.co.uk/

HSR Hochschule für Technik https://www.hsr.ch/
Usable Brands AG usablebrands.ch
Uservalue www.uservalue.ch/de

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