iNTCCM Certified Professional for Configuration Management

iNTCCM Certified Professional for Configuration Management
Board / Organization
international Certification of Configuration Management association - iNTCCM
Course: English | Exam: English
Target Audience
This qualification scheme is aimed at anyone directly involved in configuration management. This means all persons active in specific configuration management roles such as CM-managers, -librarians, or -consultants. Also people involved in development and usage of components under configuration management during (software) development, verification and validation activities, and during deployment/operations of those components will benefit from courses based on this qualificaion scheme.

This qualification scheme is also appropriate for anyone who needs a basic understanding of configuration management, such as project managers, quality managers, software development managers, business analysts, IT directors and management consultants.
ASQF® iNTCCM- Certified Professional for Configuartion Management is offered as a paper-based exam after training or during our regularly scheduled public examinations.

40 questions, multiple-choice, 60 minutes, Minimum score 65%
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General Information
This qualification scheme provides the basic knowledge of the configuration management discipline within the Information Technology (IT) and is independent of subject (e.g. software, hardware, applications), life cycle phases of the subject (e.g. design, development, deployment, maintenance), and methods/standards (e.g. agile development, service management, ISO standards).

Students following a certified course based on this qualification scheme will:

- know the specific terminology and the concepts of configuration management,
- be able to recognize what belongs to configuration management and what does not
- know what has to be accomplished when performing configuration management tasks,
- be able to execute the tasks rated with a K3 level
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