FLEX - The Flexible Exam

tl_files/data/FLEX/FLEX_logo.jpgIn our dynamic world, it is increasingly important to recognize the claims of customers early and address it accordingly. With FLEX iSQI offers the special service of a tailored examination program, with the maximum amount of flexibility. Whether you are planning to attend training with one of iSQI’s training partners, or have decided to study for the exam on your own, you can decide when and where you write your exam. Whether you prefer to do it immediately after your training or after the fact in your own home – it’s entirely up to you, both are possible with FLEX©


  • tl_files/data/FLEX/BestOf_E-Learning_2014.pngFLEX is a new product offered by iSQI, which allows you to fulfill your client’s expectations in the most flexible way!
  • FLEX allows your participants to decide on the where and the when of their exam, without any impact on the security, reliability and confidentiality of the exam.
  • FLEX candidates can check their system requirements prior to booking. Once a course is booked, the candidates have two weeks to take the exam whenever they choose.


Please click on the logo to register for your FLEX exam:

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For further information contact flex@isqi.org.

More Information:

For more information about FLEX, please contact us at flex@isqi.org