CMAP - Certified Mobile App Professional

tl_files/data/images/SIG/MAP Logo Small.JPGToday, it’s sometimes hard to remember how we survived without one of our most fascinating tools, our smartphones. It's truly impressive how innovation drastically impacts the world around us, and moreover, the way in which we live our lives. With app downloads mounting in the billions and startup companies popping up across the globe – iSQI is supporting the implementation of general standards in the creation and usage of mobile technology.

iSQI initiated the special interest group Certified Mobile App Professional “CMAP” after recognising that testing has been heavily impacted by the mobile app revolution. Testers now have to take into account the growing variety of mobile operating systems, various screen sizes, bandwidth strength as well as overall memory and battery requirements.

The members of CMAP are working on providing a training and certification standard for companies and individuals. The first five key areas in focus are: general mobile app testing, load and performance testing, security testing, test automation and mobile app development. The first of these innovative training and certifications CMAP Mobile App Testing - Foundation Level was launched in March 2014. After the huge success of this foundation level course, the SIG has releasing their first specialized course, CMAP Mobile App Test Automation, in March 2015.

If you have any suggestions please contact the members of CMAP for further discussion at


If you want o be part of the CMAP ALUMNI community please send an e-mail to and we will list your name, company (if requested) and country.



Tarun Banga, Asten Technologies, India

Daniel Benda, CGI, Germany

Jürgen Beniermann, Sogeti, Germany

Dietmar Berz, Diaz&Hilterscheid, Germany

Carin de Bont, Squerist, Netherlands

Antoin Boerboom, Polteq, Netherlands

Arjan Brands, Diaz&Hilterscheid, Germany

René Cabo, Squerist, Netherlands

Tony Careem, Planit, Australia

Amit Chauhan, Planit, Australia

Jyotsna Chauhan, Planit, Australia

Lai Daryl, Planit, Australia

Simon Dauth, SEQIS, Austria

Hans Delprat, Squerist, Netherlands

Richard Dekker, Squerist, Netherlands

José Diaz, Diaz&Hilterscheid, Germany

Frank Eimers, Squerist, Netherlands

Brian Engel, Squerist, Netherlands

Sarah Freton, Planit, Australia

Martin van Genderen, Squerist, Netherlands

Lucian Ghinda, Romania

Niels Haak, PTI, Netherlands

Gert-Jan van den Ham, VXCompany, Netherlands

Matthias Hamburg, Sogeti, Germany

Steve Helsby, E-Testing Consultancy Ltd., United Kingdom

Peter Hoefnagels, Testwork, Netherlands

Bernd Hofmann, Diaz&Hilterscheid, Germany

Ingo Hofmann, CGI, Germany

Kees van den Hoven, Squerist, Netherlands

Emmanuel Illing, Squerist, Netherlands

Sami Jabr, Saudi Arabia

IJsbrand Kaper, VXCompany, Netherlands

Dave Koonen, VXCompany, Netherlands

Vipul Kocher, Verity Software, India

Johan Koster, Squerist, Netherlands

Anish Kumar Kolappa Pillai, Planit, Australia

Martin Kowalski, SEQIS, Austria

Jean Yves Lamour, JYLOGIC, France

Snejina Lazarova, Bulgaria

Dominique Ie, Squerist, Netherlands

Jose Martina, Squerist, Netherlands

Fergus McLachlan, Aqua Computing Ltd., United Kingdom

Fabio Milanese, Italy

Dimo Mitev, Bulgaria

Patrick Mockle, CGI, Canada

Prashant Munde,Verity Software, India

Anitha Kumari Nageshwaran, Planit, Australia

Santosh Nanduri, Planit, Australia

Maik Nogens, Diaz&Hilterscheid, Germany

Hans-Henrik Olesen, Capgemini Sogeti, Denmark

Rik van Olphen, Squerist, Netherlands

Patricia Osorio, Choucair Testing, Colombia

Martin van der Ploeg, Squerist, Netherlands

Vijipriya Ponnusamy, Australia

Onno Pool, Squerist, Netherlands

Marija Rakić-Skoković, Serbia

Thomas Rieger, Switzerland

Aditya Sahu, Planit, Australia

Tejas Savla, Value Labs, USA

Matthew Schrader, Australia

Gustavo Marquez Sosa, Spain

Udo Spring, Loyal Team, Germany

Michael Taylor, Australia

Yaron Tsubery, Smartest Technologies, Israel

Bjorn Vanhove, Quasus, Belgium

Kevin Verhaegen, Squerist, Netherlands

Joost Verrijk, Squerist, Netherlands

B.P. Vogelpoel, Polteq, Netherlands

Renate Weichselbraun, Anecon, Austria

Michel van 't Zant, Squerist, Netherlands

Jamal Zia, Saudi Arabia