International SPICE Days


The International SPICE Days, which were originated by iSQI in 2007, are designed for experts from the field of software development and industry experts alike. They aim to increase the exchange of ideas and experiences on the ISO standard SPICE.

Everywhere in the world, the international ISO norm SPICE helps to secure higher standards of quality and capability in software development processes. The automobile industry, in particular, has been installing SPICE as an approved standard for most of its business dealings over the last years. Now, the International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) is aiming at transferring the maturity degree model SPICE to other branches, in order to provide more reliability to the customer.

To support the implementation of SPICE iSQI launched the International SPICE Days in 2007. The conference addresses software development experts and exponents of various industry branches likewise, thus, aiming at providing a creative platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences about the versatile practical applications of SPICE.

Designed as a three-day annual convention the International SPICE Days offer to their participants not only top-class expert presentations, company and product exhibitions but also numerous occasions for inspiring talks and socialising with potential business partners and experts. In the exhibition part of the conference companies are given the opportunity to present themselves and their entire portfolio to a highly specialised clientele.

The first International SPICE Days in 2007 were a great success already, alluring more than one hundred visitors. Ever since, the convention has firmly established in the software conference landscape, usually attracting about 200 participants every year. Intense relations to market-leading companies guarantee a conference that is thoroughly committed to business-related practice. Experts such as Dr. Alfons Weißbrich from Volkswagen, Christoph Jung from BMW and Sze Chen Tat from Continental Automotive Singapore, for instance, have reported on their professional experiences with SPICE applications in the past. This inspiring exchange with exponents from various branches as well as academia has resulted into fruitful cross-sector business partnerships over the last three years.

International SPICE Days 2010

Open Forum 2010: International SPICE Days 2010 & Automotive Safety & Security

The Open Forum 2010 from 21. - 23. June in Stuttgart saw the SPICE Days flanked by a symposium on automobile software. Under one roof experts discussed new ideas and concrete solutions in software development. The focus was on reliability, security and process quality. With more than 330 participants and a sold out exhibition of 30 different industry partners the SPICE Days 2010 were the most successful to date.

Int. SPICE Days Conference Chair Hans-Jürgen Kugler, who has supported the conference for the second time, commented on the strong community character displayed during all big or small group discussions throughout the conference.

Highlight of the conference was the panel discussion of keynote speaker Tom DeMarco (author), Harald Heinecke (CEO BMW Car IT), Bjarne Stroustrup (father of C++) and Bernd Hindel (CEO Method Park Software AG).

There will be no International SPICE Days in 2011 as the iSQI is organizing the 5. WCSQ in Shanghai.

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